Entering Data


While running a project, the user generates experimental data. Open-LIMS supports to enter data besides running projects. Based on the standardised project structure, Open-LIMS asks for the requested data in relation to the project status.

Open-LIMS knows 4 kinds of data. Files, values, methods and samples. Files represent data as files on the local computer. A lot of laboratory-instruments generate files. It is easy to upload these files to an Open-LIMS project.

However, some laboratory-instruments generate no file and put the result on a display or a printer. To enter these data in Open-LIMS, values are available. Values are forms which define the requested data. Moreover the user can use values to enter descriptions or comments.

To comprehend the generated data, the user must know the sources of the data. The used hardware and software e.g. laboratory instruments or analysis tools are saved as methods.

The last kind of data are samples. The user can save which samples he has used or link existing samples to the project. Samples are a special kind of data because samples can contain files, values and samples itself. Moreover a sample can exist without any project.