1. File Upload

After you have created your template(s), you have to upload it/them into Open-LIMS:


  1. logon with an administrator account

  2. click on the „data“-tab

  3. select in the left menu the data menu (the grey-folder symbol)

  4. select the folder „template“ and then „OLDL“ or „OLVDL“ (depends on your template)

  5. click on „add file“ on the top of the file-list

  6. select your templates

  7. click on upload

  8. your file(s) should be uploaded now


2. Register the Template(s)

After that, you have to register it/them.


2a. Project Templates

  1. click on the „OL-Admin“-tab

  2. select „Project Templates“ in the left menu

  3. click on „Add Project Template“

  4. select your template and your category

  5. click on „new“

  6. repeat the steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 for each Project Template


2b. Other Templates

The register process is the same, execpt that you have to select „Sample Templates“, „Material Templates“ (not available in the current version) or „Value Templates“ at step 2.