ChangeLog and a small bug-fix

15th August 2011 14:24 by Webmaster (comments: 0)

The changelog is available for download now.

ChangeLog from to

You can access the Database Differences document too.


Unfortunately, the database in the current package contains a small bug. You have to add the tuple (2, 'project description',NULL) to the "core_value_types" table. Otherwise you'll get errors while project creation.

Version published

9th August 2011 14:12 by Webmaster (comments: 0)

Today, we have published the new Version ( This version is for evaluation and testing purpose only. A change-log will be published on Thursday.



Download is available again

2nd February 2011 16:23 by Webmaster (comments: 1)

The Download of the current Version ( is available again. Problems at are solved now. Details in SourceForge Blog: and