Preview-Version is ready for download now

23rd December 2010 15:37 by Webmaster (comments: 0)

You can download the version alpha (unstable) from SourceForge now. This Version is for evaluation and testing purpose only. It is not recommend to use it in any kind of productive enviroment. In general, this version contains a number of known problems. Moreover the user-interface must be revised.



Demo Server is available now

20th December 2010 18:08 by Webmaster

The public demo-server is available now. You need to request an account, to get access on the demo-server.

The accounts were transfered from the old demo-server to the current one. It is possible to login with your old login data. But the data from the old server is lost.

The demo-server uses version at the moment. More information on demo-server page.


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Publication Date Has Changed

13th December 2010 14:30 by Webmaster (comments: 0)

Unfortunately, we will not publish Open-LIMS on Wednesday. The publication is planned for 26th January 2011 now. But we will publish our current development-status (Version next Wednesday, to give a preview on Open-LIMS. But this version is not for any kind of productive use.