Screenshots updated and some other news

12th November 2010 23:50 by Webmaster (comments: 0)

We have updated the screenshot section of our website in relation to our current development status. The screenshots are sorted in 5 categories now.

The implementation of new features and the refactoring of older classes is still finished. In the next 4 weeks, we are run some internal tests, before publication.

To get a preview, we will set up a special demo-server, for persons who are interested in technology of Open-LIMS, next week.

Moreover a Trac server is available now. This allows us to manage project issues and bugs.

Publication date of first unstable alpha relase

13th August 2010 16:53 by Webmaster (comments: 0)

We aspire to publish our first unstabe release of an Open-LIMS alpha-version (Version on 15th December 2010.

This unstable release will be for testing and evaluation purpose only. We will give more information soon.

Open-LIMS on Twitter

9th August 2010 00:53 by Webmaster (comments: 0)

Open-LIMS is available on twitter now.

Check out to get involved about Open-LIMS Development in short.