Sharing Data


To get correct results from successful experiments, the users need the possibility to share their data with other laboratory members. This is one of the most important activities in laboratories. All laboratory members must comprehend the experiment and find all relevant data. Open-LIMS supports the user to find all data. All experiments/project in Open-LIMS are organised in organisation units. This organisation units represent the organisational structure of the institution which uses Open-LIMS. Moreover, the experiments are based on a template structure. Every kind of project based has a standardised template. As a conclusion, it is easy to find data after a while and to understand experiment data to get new ideas.

However, the user needs to protect his data. Open-LIMS protects the data against unauthorised access. The user has the possibility to define access to his experiments and data in detail. It is possible to set the permissions for access experiments for each user, group or organisation unit. The user can also set permissions for every file, folder or value in detail. If the user does not want to configure the permissions in detail, Open-LIMS will configure it automatically.